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Auto Insurance in Alabama Welcome to Friday’s Wake Up Call. What’s going on? Does Michigan need a new flag? The co-founder of Amway thinks Michigan needs a new flag.

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Auto Insurance is asking people to come up with a new design for the state flag and then share their ideas on Twitter using #MIFlag. The top three designers will receive $500 from DeVos.

Michigan’s current flag has a blue background with the state’s coat of arms featuring an eagle holding an olive branch and arrows. The eagle is flanked by an elk and moose which are holding up a shield showing a man standing on a grassy peninsula. The man is waving while holding a rifle. The flag also has three Latin phrases on it

Teenagers are risky drivers who are very expensive to insure but rates for insuring teens have come down, according to a report from online auto insurance site insuranceQuotes.

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Not all states are created equal when it comes to the cost of insuring a teenage driver. Adding a teen to a married adult’s auto policy in New Hampshire results in an average annual premium increase of 125 percent, while in Hawaii the average increase is just 17 percent.

The study found that U.S. families who add a young driver to their existing auto insurance policy will see an average annual premium increase of 79 percent. That average premium increase for teen drivers is lower than 2013, when the increase was as high as 84 percent.

In California, teen drivers cost parents 83 percent more on average; in Texas, 92 percent; New York, 52 percent; Ohio, 100 percent; and North Carolina, 57 percent.

It costs more to add a young male driver than a female driver to an existing policy – adding a male teen to a married couple’s policy results in a national average premium increase of 91 percent, compared to an increase of 67 percent for a female.

Television’s Larry King says he’ll likely be casting his vote for Hillary Clinton this November.

King said Trump was „an old friend“ but disagreed with some of his opinions.

„I like him,“ King said, adding he doesn’t think Trump is racist but disagrees with his immigration policies. „Keeping people out of the country, building a wall — I don’t like walls.“

The space agency has released a series of retro recruitment posters featuring „ads“ for teachers, surveyors and farmers, as well as other occupations, that might one day be needed on the Red Planet. The posters are less want ads than inspiration, however, as NASA said it doesn’t anticipate having people living and working on Mars colonies until 2030.

A new poll shows one in four Americans rank terrorism as the issue that matters the most to them.

The NBC News/Survey Monkey Weekly Election Tracking poll, conducted after the deadly shootings at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last weekend, showed concern over terrorism ranked only behind jobs and the economy, which was the chief concern of 29 percent as compared to 24 percent worried about homeland security. Healthcare was the chief concern of 14 percent followed by education at 9 percent.

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